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Your First BJJ Class

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Your First BJJ Class

What You Need to Know For Your First BJJ Class

  • You can wear shorts and T-Shirt with sleeves or the appropriate gear for the day (Gi or Nogi check the schedule) if you already have it. Please wear a shirt under your Gi and change in the bathroom. 

  • Show up a little early to fill out paperwork, this won't take long. 

  • You must be clean and hygienic! Clip and file your nails, wear deodorant, and have a clean uniform.  

  • Bring flip flops or sandals.

  • Never walk on the mats with shoes and never walk off the mats without them. 

  • Take off jewelry. 

  • Most classes usually have a warm up followed by the technique that is being taught that day and then positional and or free rolling/sparring. Brand new students may need to observe the roll/ spar the first several classes.  You may also drill what you’ve learned.

  • You are safe, we are not here to injure each other!  We always take care of each other and never intentionally cause harm. Be a trustworthy partner!  

  • Come with an open mind for learning and take direction. Ask questions!

  • Be patient with yourself, it takes time to learn the core skills. Have fun!

  • Clean up after yourself and help clean the mats if you are able to.

  • After class… drink water, eat something, wash your dirty uniform (every single time!) and get some rest

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