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Areas of Focus for New Folks

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Areas of Focus for New Folks

Areas of focus when you are new.

Shoulder and hip alignment to achieve a strong spine.
Improve your hip range of motion (deep squat).
Keep elbows close to your ribs when you require strong arms.
Training is training. It’s not competition.
If you’re not getting passed, swept or submitted it’s not because you’re good, it’s because you’re
Slow down and use less strength. Non-attribute based training.
Single leg takedowns.
Guard pulling.
Guard bottom:
Learn how to get back to your feet.
Learn how to get underneath your opponents to off-balance them.
Avoid trying to submit until you feel confident with the above two points.
Guard passing:
Don’t get swept or submitted – requires good grips and correct posture.
You need to know how to pass over, under and around the legs.
Passing is about flowing like water, always taking the easiest path. This means you change your
passing style according to how your opponent resists.
Defending game:
Don’t let your opponent control your head.
Learn elbow-knee escape.
Attacking game:
Establish dominant control and be able to transition to other positions of control without letting
your opponent escape.
Now is the time for techniques. When you have good control, there is much less that your
opponent can do to stop you, so a step by step approach works here.
Arm triangles
Shoulder locks
Other chokes (guillotines, RNC, north-south choke)

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